Maximize the Potential of Student Leaders

Serving as the student leadership advisor has been one of my favorite roles as assistant principal. At Beechwood, student leadership is an after school enrichment opportunity for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. We meet twice a month for an hour and 15 minutes with the primary goal of creating a safe, welcoming, and positive campus for all students. This year, we had over 50 applicants for student leadership and every student who applied to be a student leader was accepted into the program. The goal of student leadership is twofold: 1) Developing leadership skills and capacity in our students 2) Maximizing the potential of our student leaders to positively impact our school culture. At the beginning of the year, students identified their skills and abilities as a leader based on a personality test. As the year progressed, students completed a self-reflection on their strengths and areas of growth in relation to leadership. These reflections serve as a guide as I design mini lessons with inspiring videos and authentic discussions to continue to grow their leadership capacity. In an effort to make the most of our short time together, we also use Google Classroom to communicate and collaborate and a student leadership hyper doc to organize our workflow. Our recent projects have included presenting at Beechwood's Parent Education Night, designing and facilitating presentations on the character trait of the month, creating Bobcat TV episodes, and recording inspirational videos to encourage 3rd-5th grade students to do their best on the state tests. While my role as advisor is to empower and inspire students to make a positive impact in school, often times, I am the one who is empowered and inspired. Their genuine desire to make a difference, work ethic, and positive attitudes are a daily inspiration and give me the fuel to continue to push forward.